Woman wins award for not telling literally every person she knows that she owns an Air Fryer

Just a quick heads up, vegans. You are being replaced by owners of Air Fryers. Earlier last week, Air Fryer owner Tanya Karp was at a party when someone mentioned they had just found a sweet new recipe for chicken tendies and they couldn’t wait to make them in their new Air Fryer. Instead of chiming in and mentioning that she was also a proud owner of an Air Fryer, Tanya simply smiled and walked away.

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Shortly after, she was presented with an award for this great act of humility by state officials. They said it was truly unbelievable and they’ve never seen such a strong example of humility.

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Air Fryers are all the rage right now and it seems that everyone whose anyone owns one of these contraptions. But according to the Bylaws of Science and Technology, it is not currently considered a personality trait to own an Air Fryer.

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However, it does appear that it makes you an elite being and everyone else shall bow down to you. Just look at this meme:

I am full of envy. I need one of these bad boys right now. (This is not a sponsored article)

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