Star Wars is releasing a digitally remastered version of The Phantom Menace with Twisted Tea light sabers

How many cans of Twisted Tea does it take to end racism? Just one.

A viral video made its way across social media recently involving a black guy smashing a Twisted Tea across the face of drunk guy in front of a cash register in a gas station during a confrontation. Essentially the drunk guy thought he was ‘hood’ so the black guy kept it real and gave him a reality check. You love to see it.

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Today across social media fighting racism has been a staple and with cancel culture becoming a popular weapon for millenials it’s leading many in Sports and Hollywood to compete for who can become the most woke without ultimately going broke.

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George Lucas took notice of how versatile a Twisted Tea could be used in an altercation against potential racism and decided to replace all of the light saber weaponry in The Phantom Menace using the now famous spiked tea drink.

After I saw that drunk asshole get lit across the face with that yeeted alcohol vessel for trying to be black I immediately recognized it as an opportunity to showcase fighting racism and what better way to prove Lucas Films is actively against racism than by turning the very weapons used to defend justice as a beacon for social justice. It’s brilliant.

George Lucas

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There you have it. See, it’s never enough to simply not be racist. You actively have to search for racism and actively call out racism in order to be woke and not a racist. Hollywood is simply doing their part in putting social justice first.

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You have to be ahead of the game in woke politics otherwise cancel culture will come at you faster than a chilled twisted tea in a gas station.

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