Elon Musk’s newborn son ‘X Æ A-12’ is actually pronounced ‘Kyle’, per sources

The Internet has been trying to dissect Elon Musk’s newborn son’s name all week. Well, the answer may have finally arrived: it’s Kyle. His son’s name is Kyle.

Last week, Grimes and Elon Musk confirmed that they named their new baby ‘X Æ A-12’, which is absolutely preposterous but also very predictable considering who the parents are. The name announcement was followed by a flurry of tweets criticizing the name. Here’s the mother’s actual explanation:

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As you can see, this explanation is almost worse than the name itself. Here are some of the best responses to the explanation:

But possibly the best and most believable explanation is that Elon’s son is actually named Kyle. Check it out:

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Elon and Grimes have yet to confirm that they secretly named their kid Kyle, but it just makes sense. Elon is a true meme-lord and Kyle has been one of the top memes in the last year. It’s only fitting he would make a meme out of his newborn son.

I present “Kyle Musk”:

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