If you have two credit cards and use them to pay each other off, you have infinite money, claims financial advisor

Hundreds of so called “financial gurus” are always taking to the Internet to claim they have a foolproof “get-rich-quick” scheme that will generate wealth and financial freedom. Most of them are lying. But one financial advisor may just have the actual key to unlimited money.

Gary Carbone, an unnaturally tan financial advisor from Billings, Montana claims that the key to financial freedom is simple: you just have to own two credit cards. He explained his process to us in a short interview.

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“If you own two credit cards, just use one of them to pay off the other one each month. And then when it comes time to pay off that credit card, use the other one to pay it off. Just keep repeating this process. It’s very simple. Owning two credit cards equals unlimited money! I’ve been doing this for a month and no one has said a thing.” – Carbone, financial advisor who owns two credit cards

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It’s hard to see how this easy-to-follow process could fail. Gary says he owns a Maserati and runs 12 successful dropshipping companies so he seems like a credible guy that would never mislead people. Very cool, Gary!

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