Wholesome: Would-be Robber Leaves With A Full Stomach Instead Of Grandma’s Jewelry Box

An elderly woman in Nepals, FL. stopped an attempted robbery when she offered the man her famous Rosemary Lamb Shanks.

As if it couldn’t be anymore wholesome, a would-be robbery turned into a delightful evening for two after the masked man was invited to eat the dinner his victim had just prepared.

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68 year old Loretta Kearn was moments away from having her entire career ended by a masked man in search of her heirlooms. She says all she did was ask him to stay for dinner and he obliged.

I don’t get company often so I thought I would extend an open invitation to come sit down and eat at the lazy susan. So he did.

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Loretta says the man actually had a second plate and described his night as “humbling” and “pleasant”.

He told me about his childhood and how he never knew his grandparents. They had all passed away and this was his closure on that part of his life. He never removed his mask. The poor thing had grease and seasoning all around the cut out of his mouth.

She goes on to say, “While I enjoyed our evening he’s lucky he left respectfully. I have 3 semi automatic handguns around my house and one was under the table where we were sitting. Such a sweet boy.”

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Now, police have yet to identify the man but authorities say the selfie they took before he left is currently being used as evidence.

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