No Homo Is Cancelled For 2020

In a startling announcement from the Faux World Constitution and Parliament Association earlier today, Dr. Luka Trulala has declared No Homo be cancelled for the new year in 2020.

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More than ever before straight males all across the globe are tucking in their homies with a good night smooch before they go to bed and it’s absolutely not gay.

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Dr. Trulala tells Woken News:

Listen, it’s not gay to tuck your homies in before bed. More importantly, following it up with a smooch should just come naturally. At first, it was funny to say ‘no homo’ before doing something that society may view as homosexual but these boys are not gay and a friendly smooch only strengthens the bond between broh’s in a heterosexual way.

The doctor also suggests that anything done to your homie that society suggests to be considered homosexual should not require a ‘no homo’ clause because as long as your pee pee doesn’t tingle upon said action then you’re in the clear.

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He does go on to say that homosexual males that do recognize they are, in fact, gay should not lie and use the phrase solely as a loophole in order to become aroused at the expense of another unsuspecting broh.

For your science health.

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