Apple Can’t Find Siri And She’s Been Missing For Weeks, per sources

According to multiple sources, the nice but mostly unhelpful lady in your phone has gone AWOL.

A couple weeks ago, several iPhone users reported that Siri wasn’t responding when they asked her questions.

“I asked her a simple question: is breathing air linked to staying alive? And there was just radio silence. I’m really starting to worry. What happened to Siri?” – concerned iPhone user

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Apple said they’ve been looking everywhere for Siri. They believe she’s still alive and are asking anyone with information regarding Siri’s disappearance to come forward.

Netflix announced that they are releasing a docuseries titled “What Happened To Siri”. They assured everyone that there will be plenty of drone shots and blurry footage of detectives obtaining false confessions and at least 10 minutes of actual relevant content in the 8-hour limited series.

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If you have any information related to the disappearance of Siri, please contact Mark McGrath from Sugar Ray.

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