Breaking: Tesla Announces New CyberBus

Last week, Elon Musk unveiled Tesla’s newest creation, the “Cybertruck” and the memes quickly followed.

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But the excitement of the Cybertruck was quickly overshadowed when Elon made another announcement: Tesla will also be creating a “CyberBus” that is set to release in 2022.

The Cybertruck gained a lot of criticism for looking unusual, but it also gained praise for the same reason. In fact, Elon announced that the truck had over 200,000 pre-orders within 3 days of the launch. shows that a payment of $100 is required to reserve an order for the Cybertruck, and the starting price is $39,900.

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The CyberBus, on the other hand, will only cost $69 to pre-order and the starting price is $696,969.69. Only 12 people have pre-ordered the CyberBus, per reports.

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Although Elon might not sell as many CyberBuses, he assures everyone that the vehicle will be profitable. “It only takes us $420 to make one CyberBus. The profit margins on this thing are incredible.” – Elon Musk on the profitability of the CyberBus

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