Nicolas Cage will be played by John Travolta in the new Nicolas Cage movie.

‘Nicolas Cage will be played by John Travolta in the new Nicolas Cage movie.’ reports Forbidden News.

The actor says he believes he’s the most qualified to play.

John Travolta has played Nicolas Cage before in Face/Off (1997) so for most fans it comes as no surprise that he was cast to play him again in the new movie.

The film, to be released in 2022, is inspired by real events. It will revolve around Cage’s soaring carreer from the perspective of his financially struggling roommate Jack Horvath (played by Nicolas Cage).

According to the plot description Jack will resort to earning his bread pretending to be Nicolas and monetizing his appearances at private events.

Travolta feels honored for being offered the main role, he is looking up to Nicolas and thinks that “John’s a real douchebag. He deserves to be put on wide screen for that.”

This article has been brought to you by Forbidden News.

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