Woman Hospitalized by ‘OK Boomer’ Comments, Calls it the N-Word of Ageism

An elderly woman was rushed to the hospital last week for “panic attacks” after her super-hip, Millennial grandson repeatedly responded with “OK Boomer” to everything she said.

“It’s just not right. In fact, it’s just as bad as using the n-word. I’m upset. It’s just not very nice.” – Triggered grandmother Sue G Hamilton, 72 years old

Sue isn’t the only person with this ridiculous line of thinking. In fact, a radio host by the name of Bob Lonsberry said on his show that the word ‘boomer’ is just like the ‘n-word’. This was rightfully followed by mass ridicule online, but it really makes you think: how many boomers actually feel this way?

Boomers all over the world have expressed their disgust with the phrase “OK Boomer”, but can you really blame Millennials? It’s the perfect response to pretty much everything.

“Clean your room”

“…OK Boomer.”

“Defense wins championships.”

“…OK Boomer.”

“Applebee’s is actually a pretty good restaurant.”

“…OK Boomer.”

It doesn’t appear that “OK Boomer” is going away anytime soon, so Boomers are either going to have to come up with a comeback or just simply learn to live with it.

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