Slutty Costumes Banned For Appropriating Your Mom

Her culture is not your costume.

°Article was written in 2019 and since we’ll have to point out the obvious for integrity / professional reasons: 2020 sucks too.. but not like your mother..

Another Halloween has come and with it brings a new controversy this year.

You’ve read the stories each year — the outcry that comes with a costume that offends or appropriates one’s culture.

Where’s the outcry in 2019 coming from, you may ask? Your mother.

Engineers Have Finally Developed A Dildo Big Enough To Satisfy Your Mom

Reason? Her lifestyle is not a costume.

We tried reaching out to her for questioning but she asked us to take a number and wait in line like everyone else. She certainly loves her culture and we stand for diversity so–

Stop it.

Have a safe and Happy Halloween. 🎃

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