3 From Hell (Film Review)

If there’s one director whose managed to divide critics and audiences alike, it’s hard to think of one as prominent as shock-rocker Rob Zombie.

Reviews are fluctuating around a 50% on Rotten Tomatoes and critics are just as polarized as ever – with a Roger Ebert critic awarding it a rare 4/4 stars where The Beat named it ‘Easily, the worst film of the year‘.

Current score on ‘3 From Hell’ Rotten Tomatoes page. (Critic Score as of 20/10/2019)

Objectively it’s gritty, nasty and everything you’d expect from his film repertoire. If you’ve seen one of his films, you’ll pretty much know on which side you’re likely to be for his latest redneck-horror tale ‘3 From Hell’ – whereas I ended up enjoying every minute of it.

It’s not particularly groundbreaking by any means for his ‘Firefly Family’ trilogy but it’s certainly made it’s way as one of the stronger standouts among them; in terms of cinematography ‘3 From Hell’ is a winning contender but in terms of being the very best among all three films – that title still belongs to ‘The Devil’s Rejects‘.

If you scratch beneath the common criticisms that his films are ‘all style with little to no substance’, you may find the sheer madness that makes even this year’s Joker (performed by Joaquin Phoenix) seem more like he was clowning around in comparison.

Sid Haig (who portrayed the psychotic, clown persona of Captain Spaulding in his last film before passing away) Movie Still: Lionsgate.

Rest in peace.

Overall: It’s a film mainly for the fans and will likely please a lot of them too – it might not be the horror movie we thought we needed but it’s here, it’s available for purchase and it joins the family with open arms (severed too).

Rating: 7 on 10 Tutti-Fuckin-Fruitys.

‘3 From Hell’ Movie Poster.
Studio: Lionsgate.

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