92% of Tik Tok Users Can’t Read A Clock, Study Shows

Ironic but unsurprising, a new study out of the Science is Happening Institute of Technology shows that the overwhelming majority of Tik Tok users are unable to read a clock.

Tik Tok, a mobile app similar to Vine and musical.ly, has opened many of our eyes to an entirely new, mostly-dark side of the Internet.

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The app allows mostly talentless people steal a sound clip (typically from a movie or tv show) and simply mouth the words of the musician/actor and boom! You’re famous.

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The study focused on a sample size of 100 avid Tik Tok users. They presented an analog clock to each user and asked them to read the time on the clock. Here are the results:

“Out of the 100 participants, 92 of them couldn’t read the clock. Out of those 92, 30 of them decided not to answer because they were ‘too busy making a Tik Tok lip-syncing the new Post Malone song’. The surprising thing is, we had all the clocks set to 12 o clock to make it easier for them.” – Lead Scientist at the Science is Happening Institute of Technology

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We could go on and on about how surprised we are about the findings in this study. But let’s be honest, no one is surprised. Instead, here are some god-awful Tik Toks for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy:

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