Food For Thought: Are Mashed Potatoes Just Irish Guacamole?

A very important question has been raised on the Internet in the last few days: Are mashed potatoes just irish guacamole? Let’s break it down.

Back in the late 1700s, an Irish potato farmer by the name of Jodie McColloughhan turned the potato industry upside down when he put several potatoes into a bowl and mashed em’ all to hell (his words, not ours). He then served them to his family who absolutely loved them and the rest was history. Now, mashed potatoes are one of the most popular side dishes in the world.

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Mr. McColloughhan was a good man, but he had some dark secrets. He had a big, happy family and everything seemed on the up-and-up. But one summer, Jodie had a Mexican mistress on the side that none of his family knew about.

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The tale goes as follows:

Jodie’s mistress, Maria Guacamole, was an avocado farmer visiting Ireland on vacation for the summer. During her time in Ireland, she got to know Jodie a little bit too much. Jodie would sneak away at night to visit Maria.

After doing the dirty, he let Maria in on a little secret about his new mashed potato recipe. Many believe Maria went back to Mexico and re-engineered Jodie’s mashed potato recipe. The only difference? She used avocados instead of potatoes. It was an instant hit and people still pay way too much money for Guacamole at Chipotle to this day.

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So there you have it. None of this story has been verified by anyone that was alive at the time, but it really makes you think. So again, we pose the question: are mashed potatoes just Irish guacamole?

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