What If Impossible Burgers Are Just Made With Vegan Cows And Not Vegan Meat?

Exposed: the meat’s not vegan; the cows are!

Think about it: is it possible that the impossible burger is not so impossible? What if the cows just don’t eat meat and the Beyond Meat industry is just playing a big viral prank on vegans right before our very eyes???

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If the cows themselves don’t eat meat, they can technically get away with calling it a “vegan burger”. Have you had one of these burgers yet? It honesty might taste better than actual beef. It simply doesn’t seem possible.

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The artificial meat industry continues to grow and it doesn’t seem to be stopping any time soon. Burger King just became the first major fast food restaurant to come out with a vegan burger in the form of the “Impossible Whopper”. And let me tell you, it doesn’t taste any different than a regular whopper. I’m just not buying it.

Wake up sheeple!

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