Boomers Are Roleplaying As Millennials Inside The Bedroom

Because ‘Fuck You’, that’s why.

“Tonight Dolores, call me Kyle as I pound your drybox.”

Baby boomers are at it again.

They’re not only redefining 50 Shades of Gray through an increase in sexual roleplay among the senior community – they’ve got to mock you doing it too.

Boomers are reporting this particular roleplay by record numbers according to The National Sexology Revue of 2019. And they can’t get enough of it either.

“Dolores and I tried everything to rekindle that old flame of ours.. but what better to way to do it than we know best: We screwed millennials out of the luxuries we had, we’ll do it through screwing too.” – Herb

They just don’t know when to stop.

We’ll be sure to report any updates on the moves “Kyle” will bring to the old folks home, for you selfish millennials.


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