Medium Rare Chicken Is The New Trend In Healthy Eating, Study Shows

Are you looking to hop on the next big food trend? First, it was avocado toast. Then, it was açaí bowls. Now? People all over the world are dabbling in the art of medium-rare chicken.We’ve scoured the Internet and can’t help but find several examples of this new up-and-coming diet trend:

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Some haters are claiming that it’s “dangerous” to eat uncooked chicken and that you can “get salmonella”.

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But that’s just ridiculous. As this well-informed Facebook user says, “Uhhh I don’t think so, this is chicken not salmon.” Duh… They wouldn’t call it “salmon”ella if you could get it from eating uncooked chicken. That’s just straight up common sense.

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This incredibly smart Twitter user claims that he eats his chicken medium-rare because it boosts his immune system. Makes sense.

Are you hip enough to try it?

p.s. Don’t eat uncooked chicken. You will not be okay. This is a joke.

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