Study shows that using big words doesn’t actually make you any smarter

“Why waste time say lot word when few word do trick.” – Kevin Malone from The Office

A new study out of Oxford recorded conversations of 20 people with various backgrounds. These conversations were analyzed by machine learning to determine which participants used the largest, most complicated words in the dictionary. The participants were then asked to take an extensive IQ test. The result? People that used big words did no better than the people with simple and limited vocabulary.

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“The indubitably atrocious fallacy that utilizing voluminous vocabulary doesn’t make you impertinent is simply preposterous. I am very smart.“ – guy who scored the lowest on the IQ test

The word expert at Oxford weighed in on the study:

“Words are kinda dumb man. It’s like, who decides which words mean what? I’m pretty sure words are actually just a conspiracy theory backed by the government. Look into it, man.” – Word Expert at Oxford

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So there you have it. If your friends start throwing around big words, it doesn’t mean they’re smarter than you. They probably don’t even know what they mean. Just keep it simple.

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