Face Masks That’ll Get Your Pores So Tight He’ll Want to Stick His Dick in Them

We found site with a list of facial care that’ll have your mans pitching a tent so fast he finna separate the fabric of space & time and impregnate another dimension.

In a world filled with so much toxicity, taking time for self-care is SO important for your mental health.

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But what’s also important is making pores small enough that a man will look at them and be like “Damn, those pores are so tight I’d fuck each of them individually.”

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These rejuvenating face masks will not only help you feel like you have some semblance of control over your skin, but also will make your cute lil’ pores so fuckin’ tight he’ll want to fuck the everloving shit out of them!

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Original article written by: Emily Murnane

Get your facial kegals at Reductress.

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