Euthanasia clinics in the Netherlands are going out of business as millennials are “literally dying”.

Dead. 💀💀💀

Dutch doctors are facing financial hardships with changing trends of social media among youth.

Medical doctor Eva van Waeerden gives her recount of the change.
“(Dutch) euthanasia market grew when the adolescents switched to using expressions such as ‘kill me,’ but the market made it big when suicide pact parties and family euthanasia were legalized.”

She follows up with complaints that the 2010’s led to a drop in operations, which – in her opinion – resulted from new trend of people literally dying over web content.

“Many of us were forced into curing people once again” with some having to quit medicine altogether, recalls Dr van Waeerden. Doctors are trying to save the industry by on-call servicing and euthanasia tourism.

Not long ago a petition was launched by professionals to short list citizens calling “kill me” on social media platforms. These persons would be put to death unless opting out within 168 hours after initial call.

Source: Forbidden News

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