Study Says Apples Are Actually Better Than Oranges

For years, people have been saying “it’s like comparing apples to oranges” to prove the point that it’s impossible to compare two things that are completely unrelated. However, one study has done the impossible and found that apples truly are better than oranges.

We spoke to the head scientist of the study, Dr. Pinkerton, and here’s what he had to say:

“In the movie Good Will Hunting, Matt Damon’s character doesn’t say ‘how do you like them oranges’. That would be ridiculous. He says ‘how do you like them apples’. Because the apple is a superior fruit.” – Dr. Pinkerton on the Apple Orange comparison

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Although the Good Will Hunting example was by far his best point, he also talked about how the rapper Flo-Rida refers to “Apple-Bottom Jeans” in the 2008 certified banger “Low”. “I can’t recall a single time where oranges were used in pop-culture to make something sound cool. I could go on for hours with examples of apples in pop culture.” he said.

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So there you have it. Although Dr. Pinkerton didn’t provide any comparisons regarding the health benefits of each fruit and seemed to focus way too much on the prevalence of the two fruits in pop culture, it doesn’t seem like anyone is taking the orange’s side in this debate. We can officially declare the apple the superior fruit.

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Now we have to find something to replace the “comparing apples and oranges” saying. “It’s like comparing Kyles and Chads” is currently our favorite. Both Kyles and Chads are unique in their own way and simply can’t be compared to anything, especially each other.

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