James Charles cuts his PP to become Princess of Persia in the upcoming game

Most of us must have played the game, Prince of Persia, growing up. It was fun and enjoyable. This game is nostalgic to most of us. And it was a huge let down when Ubisoft stopped making these. But today we have received news that a game is currently in the works.

Keeping up with the current world and be more politically correct Ubisoft named it, “Princess of Persia”.

An spokesperson at Ubisoft said, “The Prince of Persia was one of the most successful franchise of Ubisoft. We never wanted to stop making them. But the name wasn’t keeping up with the current world. So we stopped until one day, we came up with this idea.”

Set a few years after the original trilogy the Prince after defeating his foes goes on to defeat another evil in society, gender stereotypes. He cuts off his phallus with the dagger of time and recalls it and removes it at will by using the dagger.

Sources say that James Charles has done the motion capture and voice of Princess in the upcoming game. When asked if Ubisoft thinks the game would do good, they said they aren’t much worried about it because no one would give it bad reviews since they do not want to be called homophobic.

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