Smoking Pot Could Be Linked to Homosexuality, New Evidence Suggests

A testimony from one teen may help behavioral scientists and scholars understand the true power of Marijuana and its ever long list of side effects including liking dudes.

Shayne Coi, a senior at Roselawn High in Denver, Colorado, says he experimented with Marijuana at their freshman hazing party when he decided to cross swords with another male student.

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“So me and the boys were on our usual shit” said Coi, “absolute power moves just pulling down dudes pants for laughs, cup checking freshman from the back with an extra feelski and calling them all gay for letting us do it. Hilarious.”

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Then things took a turn for the worst. Shayne saw the defensive captain take a hit of a marijuana cigarette and decided to try some too.

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“At first I didn’t feel anything but after the 3rd or 4th ball fondle on some totally gay freshies I started to wonder how my shween looked compared to this one dudes so I asked to see his and then next thing I knew I was gay.”

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Coi says the marijuana made him feel more relaxed and easily swayed onto new ideas. He says there is no way that his repressed gay sober thoughts would have had anything to do him being gay. It had to be the pot.

“If you smoke the dope you may as well drop the soap.”

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  1. Are you fr with this?! The dude is probably just trying to cover up that hes gay by saying this….or maybe part of the world just hasn’t gotten the memo that gay is not from chemicals, trama, or disobedience….get over it stop trying to fix what isnt broken or trying to “cure” us

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