Boy’s locker rooms are hosting Fight Clubs, Girl’s locker room suggests

The gossip girls over in the girl’s locker room at a local middle school seem to think the boy’s are hosting fight clubs in their locker room.

Sounds of gossip, testosterone and Axe Body Spray fill the halls of the athletic department as the boys and girls finished their 4th period Gym class.

“We will literally stop talking and hear roars from the other side of the cinderblocks.” said a spokeswoman for the Girls Locker room. “They come out looking like absolute savages, sweaty and dry heaving. A smoke machine of Axe deodorant sits stagnant as those knuckle draggers come spewing out. Pretty sure it’s an fight club ring.”

“We heard the reports and it’s quite humorous.” Said Jim Glass, head of the schools athletic department. “I’ll humor the idea for a minute and say that even IF we had an organized Fight Club that MAY be helping pay for the boys new football uniforms along with some side hustle money for me and my boys who help coach, no one would know because their is a code of ethics that goes with running a Fight Club that no one talks about. So yeah.”

Boys will be boys and its business as usual during Gym Class.

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