You Don’t Really Wash Your Hands – They Wash Each Other While You Stand There Looking At Them Like A Creep

Just think about it: is it possible that our hands have a mind of their own in the act of being washed? And are you just a creepy bystander in the background watching the whole thing happen?

It may seem like a stretch, but several scientists practicing at the Institute of Intelligent Knowledge (I.I.K.) are beginning to back the idea. One scientist by the name of Rob Manoski weighed in on the subject.

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“We did several experiments on hands and it seems that many of them are emotionally scarred due to years of humans watching creepily as they take ‘sink showers’. That’s what we call hand washing in the hand-science community.” – Rob Manoski on ‘sink showers’

Privacy is a touchy subject. Most people have pretty much tossed the idea of privacy aside with the rise of social media and have decided to make everything in their lives public. But have you ever thought about the fact that your hands may want to stay private?

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Maybe next time after lathering up your hands with soap, you should respect their privacy and simply look away. Your hands do a lot for you and it’s the least you could do to return the favor.

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