The Axis powers are at it again.

Recently, The axis power countries in the Second World War have been doing things which are very suspicious.

Germany every couple of generations Germany goes rogue and starts a world war, and now the circumstances are similar.

The country is upping its military. They are saying they are doing this because they are recommitting themselves to the NATO alliance. But we all know why they are doing it don’t we?

Italy The great grandson of the fascist dictator, Mussolini is running for office. Caio Giulio Cesare Mussolini is running as a candidate for the
far-right Brothers of Italy Party.

Russia recent poll conducted in Russia, People are approving of Stalin’s role.

More and more people are respecting and admiring the Soviet Leader.

Japan Right-wing nationalism is rising in Japan. And Japan ends ban on military self-defense.

All this happening at the same time is very suspicious. Maybe we have another world war at out hands.

Meanwhile, UK and USA are waiting like this:

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