Andre The Giant Wasn’t Actually That Big, He Was Just Standing Closer To The Cameras

What if everything you knew about one of the greatest professional wrestlers of the 70’s and 80’s was a huge lie? According to a new theory, Andre The Giant was actually very average in height – he just stood really close to the cameras.People are always talking about just how big Andre The Giant was. His recorded height was 7 feet 4 inches. Here’s a picture of what appears to be Andre holding a 12 ounce beer can:

Andre holding a “12-ounce” beer can. Yeah, right…

The can doesn’t actually show the ounces. What if this is actually just a really small can to make his hand look giant?

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Here’s another picture of the late wrestler where he appears to be much larger than the man sitting next to him:

However, you can easily see that he is much closer to the camera than the man sitting next to him. There are many examples of this:

Exhibit 1: Andre is much closer to the camera than that police officer in the background. This makes him look like an absolute UNIT.
Exhibit 2: Andre, front-and-center once again. Way closer to the camera than everyone else. Lookin’ thicc as hell.
Exhibit 3: Of course he’s gonna look tall compared to a bunch of kids. This is too obvious.

With all of this photographic evidence, it’s clear that Andre The Giant was probably a very average 5 feet 10 inches tall instead of his recorded height of 7 feet 4 inches. He was just really good at standing close to cameras. I’m sorry I had to break this to you. I wish it wasn’t true.

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  1. “Andre is closer to the camera”
    Dude are you serious right now or you just wrote this piece of trash just to get attention? This guy can’t be serious

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