Quasimodo needs a new home

A massive blaze devastated large parts of the Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris. The fire may have been put out but the hunchback’s home is destroyed.

Quasimodo lived in the spire of the 850 year old church and due to the fire he doesn’t have a home anymore.

Fundraising efforts have already begun to rebuild the church. The French President, Emmanuel Macron vowed that an international campaign will be started to raise funds and rebuild the cathedral.

We are happy that the monument will be built back but it will be done so in the next five years, until then Quasimodo needs a new place to live. A lot of people feel for the poor gypsy and so do we.

So Woken News has started a petition to help find him a new home; we urge people to sign the petition so that he gets a temporary place to live.

We don’t know, yet how the fire started. Maybe tourists visiting the church forgot their French lessons, or maybe it was god punishing EU for article 13, we don’t know what happened. But what we do know is that Quasimodo needs a new home. So please sign the petition.

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