Hating Game Of Thrones Doesn’t Make You An Interesting Person, Study Suggests

Did you avoid watching Game of Thrones this past Sunday because you thought it would make you cooler to hate on it? Well think again. A new study has proved that hating on things isn’t a personality trait and actually doesn’t make you any more interesting or cool.

The study observed 100 students at a university in New Jersey. They took several popular television shows such as the hit HBO show “Game Of Thrones” and asked the students what they thought of them. The students that had the most negative opinions towards the shows were found to rank highest on a very common scientific scale known as the “boring/douchebag scale”.

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“We also asked the students to give explanations to why they hate things that everyone else seems to like and they never really had good reasons. It seems like these kids just hate on things because they don’t really have a single interesting character trait. Absolutely no personalities whatsoever.” – psychology professor that led the study

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It’s okay to hate on things that suck (i.e. Logan Paul, Jake Paul, anyone with the last name Paul, etc.). But hating on something that everyone else likes doesn’t make you an interesting person. It makes you an unlikeable ass. Try finding a hobby instead.

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