Confirmed: CP30 Was Always Heterosexual. RD2D Heartbroken 💔


Article Guest Writer: AF*ckingTallGuy

It’s official.

Confirmed by the Star Wars verified Twitter account earlier this morning:

A Star Wars franchise representative took to other social media platforms:

“CP30 was always just a temerous android..” and adding “they didn’t even know about this speculation” or that it existed for over 30 years.

Recent revelation gained both support and strong criticism from the LGBTQ+ community who had felt a strong ‘representation through CP30‘ and those who accept this news as ‘nothing to be upset about‘.

Update: RD2D has released a public statement (and roughly translates):

“.lies.. all of it.. what CP30 and I had was special.. I love you.. *sad beep*”

Our guest writer AF*ckingTallGuy asks: What are you thoughts? Publicity stunt? Ploy for more merchandising/toys? Positive message for LGBT+ robots everywhere? The Sith gay agenda?


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