Florida Man Let’s ‘Jesus Take The Wheel’ – Destroys Car.

Florida officials are opening an investigation after Jesus Christ of Nazareth took over driving for a Florida man and wrecked his car.

A 23 year old is claiming the son of god took over driving for him late Tuesday evening after the man admitted to having a fun night out with friends.

I was already feeling tired when I got in the car. Halfway home I was so drowsy and I look over and Jesus was sitting in my passenger seat. He told me he was the light and he would show me the way. A huge wave of security fell over me like a blanket. The next thing I know I was waking up with a crowd around me but Jesus was no where to be found. He fuckin fled the scene.

Officials at the scene the man seemed drunk and the field test confirmed it.

“He was fuckin lit.” Said a witness. Others confirm that the man was shouting profanity at what sounded like Jesus.

“He cussed his name up and down. Thought it was a friend of his but this nigga really thinks he met the lamb of god in the passenger seat of his Dodge Stratus. What a fuckin tool.”

He is currently in the hospital in good condition but faces court immediately after he is released.

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