14yr old girl found crying after her boyfriend shared a ‘s(he) be(lie)ve(d)’ meme

A 14 year old girl was found sobbing beside her bed after she learned that her now ex boyfriend shared a ‘s(he) be(lie)ve(d)’ meme on Facebook Thursday morning.

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Jessica Clark woke up early to get herself ready for school. As an 8th grader and one of the popular girls, appearance is everything.

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While straightening her hair and checking her newsfeed, Jessica saw a recent post from her now ex boyfriend, Chad Leanman, that like literally made her drop her cellphone in the sink.

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Chad thought he would shake the boys up with a little lesson in trickery sharing a ‘He lied’ meme. Classic Chad.

He literally lied to me! I’m too young to have to go through all of this constant mental abuse. Chad and I are done!

We reached out to Chad for comment and he simply said, ‘ayyy lmao’. We think Chad is pretty cool, to be honest. A real unit.

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Chad and Jessica made up 30mins after the incident happened when they met in the school halls by his locker.

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