Avid Vaper Creates Small Thunderstorm by Blowing Fat Clouds

Avid vaper Chad Genski made history yesterday as he created a small storm in his hometown of Springfield by blowing fat vape clouds.

Chad claims that he can blow the fattest clouds and roundest rings of anyone in his neighborhood. He prides himself in his vape tricks and his souped up ‘98 Honda Civic.

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“Yeah, I was out in the driveway adding a badass racing stripe to my Civic while simultaneously blowing some giant cumulonimbus clouds. I guess they just turned into storm clouds or whatever. My neighbors said they even saw a tornado form from my clouds so that’s cool or whatever. Hopefully they didn’t cause any damage, but if they did, that’s pretty rad. My vape clouds fuckin’ rule.” – Chad on vape clouds

Hopefully this is just a one-time event. If just one Chad could create a storm with his vape, imagine what could happen if 100 high schoolers got together to blow clouds? We could be looking at a serious disaster.

Juul did not provide a comment on this story.

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