There is a new App in the Play Store like Tinder except to find local Fight Clubs near you

The internet just continues to deliver more entertainment and chaos at our fingertips.

The Google app store has just released a brand new app today that will change how we meet singles and or organized groups of people willing to kick your ass at a specific location.

The app is called Rumblr and it might be the most talked about app download in 2019.

We spoke with a user of the app and asked him what exactly are its features?

So it’s cool because after you build your profile and log your stats you automatically get thrown into this underground pool of illegal fights all around your city. You can request a gender to fight against, arm reach and fighting experience and then it matches you with others around the tristate area. There is also a Pig Alert section where other fighters alert users of incoming police or potential raids. It’s pretty dope.

This app is on it’s way to becoming one of the top downloads this year and its only been out for 3hrs.

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