Furious student shits on his desk after Teacher replies, “I don’t know, can you?”

A Student who was taking an exam was forced to shit in the exam hall as the invigilator denied him a bathroom break.

The incident took place in a high school in London on Friday. The student had visited Taco Bell the day before and had a lot of Burritos and Tacos. As a result the next day he was suffering from stomach ache. He couldn’t stay back home as this was an important exam. So he went to school.

During the exam he felt the urge to shit and asked the invigilator, “Can I use the bathroom?” The invigilator denied him permission and ignored him. After 2 more requests the invigilator, with a snarky look on his face, remarked, “I don’t know, can you?”

Furious at his teacher, the student pulled his pants down, squatted on his desk and shat on the desk.

So teachers remember,no matter how clever replying ” I don’t know,can you” is. It can have consequences.

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