Italy switched sides during WW2 because Nazis liked Pineapples on their Pizzas

Italy is famous for its cuisine. Be it pasta, spaghetti, Pizza they sure know how to make their food. But what they don’t like is people messing with their traditional food.

As all of us know World War II was fought between the Axis Powers (Japan, Germany, Italy) and the Allied Powers (United States, Soviet Union, France, Britain). And In 1943, Italy surrendered to Allies and declared war against Germany.

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A month before the Allied bombing on Italy, Mussolini met Hitler to discuss their tactics and strategies to win the war.

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Unfortunately they had this discussion over dinner and Hitler presented Mussolini with Pizzas which had Pineapples on it. The mere sight of it upset Mussolini; Disgusted and angry, Mussolini advised Hitler that the best time to attack USSR would be in the winter and in Italy lowered his defenses and let the Allies take over it.

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He told everyone in Italy that the Nazis were consuming Pizzas with pineapples and everyone in Italy got pissed at Germany even though Mussolini was imprisoned by Allied Forces. His successor, Pietro Badoglio, declared war on Germany a month after they surrendered.

Never use pineapples on pizza. It cost Hitler a war and he ultimately paid the price with his life.

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