Avengers Endgame: Ant-Man makes the Ultimate sacrifice by entering Thanos’ ass and expanding

Most of us are fans of superheroes, and love the movies based on them. But only a handful of nerds read the comics.

As one of those nerds, I, too, don’t like it when some portion of the movies are modified and not canonical.

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One of those movies is the upcoming Avengers: Endgame. I’ve read the comics and let me tell you it is completely different from the upcoming movie.

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In the comics, The surviving members of the Avengers have a meeting and it’s a long one. All of them take turns to convince Ant-Man to get inside Thanos’ Anus and kill him. Somehow the Avengers manage to convince him.

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During the final fight, the rest of the Avengers distract Thanos while Ant-Man shrinks in size and gets inside the purple Titan poop filled anus. Thanos never sees him coming. Ant-Man expands in size finally ending the reign of the Mad Titan and hence saves the day.

So now you know how it goes in the comics, if the movie doesn’t go like this. Feel free to get your refund.

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