Twins are Just One Person Moving Back and Forth Really Fast

Are twins really two people? Or are they just one person moving back and forth really fast? Some scientists believe the latter.The Science Learning Institute of Knowledge has been studying twins for many years. They recently released a report that claims twins may just be one person that has the ability to move back and forth really fast which causes the illusion of two identical-looking people.

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“We at the Science Learning Institute of Knowledge believe if you put ‘twins’ in a room together and film them with an ultra high-speed camera, you would be able to catch the deceptive actions involving a single person moving back and forth really fast. Unfortunately, we don’t have the budget to perform such an experiment, but you can just take our word for it. We know things.” -anonymous spokesperson for S.L.I.K.

Have twins been hiding their powers from us all this time? Share this with the twins in your life and pay really close attention to their reactions. You may be surprised…

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