Anti Vax People are Good Parents since they send their Unvaccinated Kids to Heaven

Everyone treats Anti Vax People like they are bad parents but it is quite the contrary.

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All they want is for their kids to have a better afterlife. As you know, growing up, everyone commits sins in their life, and no matter how much people repent, it is impossible to absolve them of those sins.

Unvaccinated kids on the other hand don’t live long enough. They pass away, though not as peacefully and with excruciating pain cause suffering from all the diseases which could have been easily prevented, before they can commit a grave wrong and they go to heaven.

A fellow Anti Vax Parent, Karen, told us,

“What’s the point of living a happy life if in the afterlife we would be subjected to fiery depths of hell? ”

and then started crying as 2 mins later her kid died.

“They are happy tears since my kid is up there with god.” She said when we tried to console her.

Anti Vax parents, just like every other parent, want the best for their kids. Sure, Not vaccinating your child might not have them live long enough but it does reserve them a seat in heaven due to your gross negligence.

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