JFK wasn’t shot – his head just did that

It truly is a conspiracy theory for the ages: Did the assassination of US President John F. Kennedy involve the Mafia, CIA, or even the Vice President? Many of these theories have been discussed and debated over the last several decades. But a new theory that’s hot in the streets claims an assassination actually didn’t happen at all: JFK wasn’t shot – his head just did that.

Is it possible that JFK’s Head literally exploded under all the pressure of being the president? I mean, think about it: the dude promised that America would make it to the moon before the sixties ended. With a promise that huge, he had to be stressed the fuck out pretty much all the time.

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According to the Science University of Science, there are approximately anywhere from 1 – 500,000 stress-induced “explosions of the head” every year. Was John one of the unlucky ones to fall victim to this rare occurrence?

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When it comes to the JFK conspiracy, everyone always wants to talk about the “magic bullet” or the “grassy knoll” to explain the logistics of the shooting. But why hasn’t the conversation ever lead to his head just “doing that” until this very moment in time? We need to stop hiding from this theory.

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The head explosion theory could be the answer to not only the death of JFK but also many other mysterious assassinations. I mean, did anyone actually see John Wilkes Booth shoot Lincoln in that theater.

Think about it sheeple. Stay woke.

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