Ducks Don’t Actually Float – Their Legs Are So Long That They Can Walk On The River Bed

New groundbreaking evidence suggests that ducks have been fooling us all these years.

It’s always been a mystery – how do ducks stay afloat? When you really start to ponder that simple question, it will most definitely put your brain in a pretzel.

The answer scientists and duck experts have given us for years is that ducks weigh less than the weight of the water they displace which allows them to achieve buoyancy. They also claim that ducks have tiny barbs in their feathers which creates a balloon-like effect, adding to their ability to float. But we’re here to tell you the TRUTH: Ducks don’t float at all. In fact, their legs are so long that they can walk on the river bed.

A few months ago, a madlad on Twitter sent this very theory to National Geographic, one of the top nature networks in the world. Obviously, they didn’t want anything to do with it:

Posted on r/madlads by u/_rick_sanchez_c_137_

If this theory doesn’t make you question your entire existence, you have issues.

So what does this mean for ducks and how should humans interact with them going forward? We at Woken News previously wrote about how Duck Are Robots Your F.B.I. Guy Uses To Connect To Your Phones IP Collecting Information About You. I think we can all agree that we’ve been sleeping on ducks. With these new discoveries, a duck revolt is imminent and we need to prepare ourselves for war.

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