Would Deadpool’s Healing Factor Reverse His Circumcision?

Top 10 Questions That Science Refuses To Acknowledge.

One of the biggest, and my first, questions when I realized Deadpool had rejuvenating abilities was ‘could he regrow his foreskin with the ability to self heal?’

The answer to that is, he absolutely should be able to. But the bigger question is: would he want to? And to that I think would be a big No.

We all know how ridiculous it looks being uncircumcised. Deadpool would probably not want his foreskin because, I imagine, he recognizes and practices good hygiene.

Sorry Mom’s but the girls in your son’s life don’t want to feel like they are giving a mouth hug to a donkey in his room or on the family couch so do your kids a favor and get them cut.

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