Wolverine needs to get an adamantium foreskin in his next movie

The next few lines are my ideas on the script for the new Wolverine movie. Now, i’ve been on a foreskin kick lately with these super heroes so try and follow me:

Here wolverine will enter the tank just like before but with enhanced administration of the foreskin adamantium specially designed for him and his rig size.

Rocks Are Actually Soft and Squishy – They Just Tense Up When We Touch Them

Here wolverine starts realising that it might have been all a mistake but there is no going back now as his foreskin starts catching fire even under the water.

New Study Shows That Breathing Air Is Linked To Staying Alive

Wolverine busts out of the tank ripping off the machine while RADIATING BIG DICK ENERGY WITH AN ADAMANTIUM FORESKIN!

Birds Are Drones And The Power Lines Are Actually Charging Stations

With this new enhancement Wolverine should be able to SMASH foes like: The Blob, Deadpool and even The Jugernaut. He and his foreskin are now unstoppable! Or are they…?

Thanks to Dankest Memes ͡º ͜ʖ ͡º for the collab. Everyone, check him out on Facebook.


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