The New Tesla Will Not Move Out Of The Way Of Oncoming Deer

Everyone has been wondering what new features will be added to the next Tesla. We now have the answer: the new Tesla will not move out of the way of oncoming deer.

The world recently discovered that Elon Musk thinks dead animals are funny as he hosted PewDiePie’s Meme Review last week with Rick & Morty creator Justin Roiland. When the meme of a deer laying at the bottom of a pool showed up on the screen, Elon began laughing his ass off. He continued to laugh when he learned that the deer was in fact dead.

Watch the full video here.

Now Elon has decided to take his infatuation with dead deer to the next level. Read his full statement below:

“The new Tesla will not swerve out of the way of deer. In fact, it will go out of its way to hit deer. Some people say I have a serious problem, but I simply don’t care. I need to see more dead deer. It’s just too funny, man.” – Elon on the newest Tesla feature

The Tesla’s revolutionary auto-stop functionality is truly second to none in the self-driving car industry. But he is willing to make some exceptions in the name of “humor” as he calls it. He has even built a personal app on his phone to send him a notification every time the new Tesla hits a deer so he can have a little giggle.

PETA has not yet responded, but we all know that’s coming.

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