Some goober invented a 4-barrelled shotgun so you can kill stuff deader

Get ready to have 4 times the stoping power at destroying your target.

It took Austrian gunmaker Johann Fanzoj 6 years to make this ‘masterpiece’ for an American customer.

According to Patriots With Guns:

The Vierling (from the German word Vier, meaning “four”) pairs a side-by-side double rifle in hard-hitting 9.3x74mmR– a classic medium to large game round popular in both Europe and Africa — with an over-and-under 20-gauge 3-inch chambered shotgun on a single frame.

As shown in the above demonstration, the 10.12-pound firearm is set to fire four times in succession when fully loaded and ejects the spent shell casings/hulls all at once when the action is broken open. The gun uses double triggers with a push-forward switch on the comb (front for shotgun, back for rifle) to select which action they control.

The “mechanical wonder” is an exhibition grade-gun that features custom-made of Circassian walnut burl furniture and engravings of various animals mixed with ornamentation applied by the hand of a master engraver.

There isn’t a set price for this gun but I would bet it’s close 15k – 25k.


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