Local runner is now gay after stepping on the sidewalk cracks

Have you ever told yourself that if you step on the cracks you will “break your mother’s back?”

Well, like most of us that run, listening to music is a great way to pass the time.

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Challenging ourselves while we run can also be beneficial.

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Trying to beat a car to a predetermined spot on the road, pushing your legs to carry you faster or even potentially threatening the gender you are attracted to might be the kick in the ass you need.

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Local jogger James McCain (33) turned gay after his most recent run over the weekend because he stepped on a series of cracks after being distracted by another hot chick running on the other side of the road.

I was bored and trying to pass the time during my run. My bluetooth headphones died faster than I anticipated so my mind began to wonder. I started trying to beat cars to stop signs for about a minute then I said, “broh if you step on these cracks in the sidewalk then you’re gonna be into dudes.” I was going good and then I saw this chick running ahead and got distracted. I realized the transformation after I started thinking about how nice her boyfriends calves looked (which I’ve done before I was gay) and then I thought about outdoor stuff him and I could do and I realized I was gay.”

Be careful next time you challenge yourself during your next run.


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