Our Petition Has Inspired A Playable Shaggy In The New ‘Jump Force’ Game !

You can now kick ass with Shaggy!

Shaggy fans rejoice!

Woken News Network’s petition that got international buzz and even the attention of Ed Boon and Matthew Lillard has finally paid off!

..just not how we initially expected it.

4 weeks ago Woken News had made global news for it’s rapid support of having Shaggy as a DLC for Mortal Komat 11.

As of now, the petition is currently at almost 400,000 signatures and is still climbing. While it’s important to note that Mr. Boon had dismissed the idea of Shaggy joining his roster, Shaggy is now somewhere else.

Shaggy is now a fighter in Jump Force.

Thanks to a talented modder, Shaggy is now added to the Jump Force game file directory and available for download.

Shaggy might’ve not been added as a character for MK11 but it’s safe to say that supporters got a satisfying result.

We’re certainly satisfied.


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