Pee Is Now Most Powerful Liquid For Removing Shit Stains From Toilet Bowls.

Yeah Science, Bitch! 👊🚽🔬

If this isn’t peak science, I dont know what is.

According to Dr. Shitbot69‘s study, we’ve uncovered some of humanity’s most burning questions because urine for some real science:

Note: Women can’t relate to this article as they cannot pee or shit.

Under the research of Grabondem Lab, it has been theorotically and practically proven that pee is the most powerful liquid in the world. The only huge problem the world was facing was shit stains.

Some people tried to use water, some tried acid, some even licked it – but unfortunately, it was all in vain.

Finally after years of complicated experiments and research, pee is the only thing that was able to be so powerful to remove even the shittiest of stains.

Some facts about pee are that the most powerful form of pee is after ejaculating. It had been proven to be so powerful at that time that it can also burn the penis. That is why pee is not stored in balls as it can burn it.

Pee can also create the biggest sound source if shooten directly on the center of toilet. That’s why its preferred to pee on any other side than bullseye. It is also confirmed that drinking pee is just gross.

Remarkable .

Special Credit: Shitbot69


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