Millennials are making fun of unvaccinated kids because they are jealous they have to wait longer to die

New polls suggest the large amount of memes and rhetoric toward unvaccinated children is due to a popular increase in this ignorant generations wish to die.

There is a study that shows how breathing is linked to staying alive so maybe they can start with doing the opposite?

We all know the importance of vaccines and how they help keep away preventable diseases. There is a real account of a Mother who lied about the details of her daughter’s death in order to push her anti-vaxx agenda.

From what I gather, most millenials have used the internet as a way of joking about their anxiety and other home problems in order to see if others are experiencing the same stuff.

Lot of teens have been talking about how the government and basically everyone seems to paint the future as a grim and chaotic place where college is a waste of time and money will be harder to obtain?

They also speak about climate change and how that seems to make them super worried even though accurately documenting the weather only actually started within the last 170 years so no one actually knows if global warming is even really happening faster from burning fossil fuels or not.

Many millenials do not think of this life as fun or entertaining because they have it all at their finger tips. They can find the answer to nearly any question by asking Google. They can buy and have things sent to them at the tap of a finger.

Start your kids off with some retro game consoles, make them wait to have a phone till like 7th or 8th grade and send them outside more. They might thank you for it later.


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