Millennials Make Fun Of Unvaccinated Kids Because They’re Jealous They Have To Wait Longer To Die

New polls suggest the large amount of memes and rhetoric toward unvaccinated children is due to a popular increase in an ignorant generations desire to die.

There is a study that shows how breathing is linked to staying alive so maybe they can start with doing the opposite?

We all know the importance of vaccines and how they help keep away preventable diseases. There is a real account of a ‘Mother who lied about the details of her daughter’s death in order to push her anti-vaxx agenda’.

Most millennials have used the internet as a way to joke about their anxieties and personal problems in order to see if others are experiencing the same stuff.

Teens are talking about how the government and our society as a whole seems to paint the future as a grim and chaotic place.

They also speak out on climate change and how that’s dissuading their desire to procreate – in a world where facts are documented about it but remains still up for discussion in divisive politics.

Millennials are secretly jealous of their unvaccinated peers, according to a poll conducted by Harvard Univetsity. It remains troubling considering vaccinations are a scientifically proven prevention for diseases.

How can we disuade them from this mentality – let alone stop this rise of bullying towards unvaccinated kids; statistically shown in this poll study.

Less technology? Less investment in their phones? More outside activity? While it won’t change our inevitable future, it wouldn’t hurt to try either. You might thank us later.

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