Judge rules in favor of murderer after court learns the victim had an anime profile picture

A murder has been found not guilty after the jury learns new information about the prosecutions client having an anime profile picture on his Facebook account.

It’s safe to say an innocent man was given a second chance at a life of freedom today when the judge and jury learned about the victim’s ridiculous life choices on social media.

“I mean, would you believe anything that comes out of the mouth of someone who has their Facebook profile picture set as an anime character? Lmao”

-Ann Flatz (courtroom Juror)

‚óŹCould breathing be linked to living?

Judge Bradshaw said his heart dropped as soon as the Defense brought the new information to his desk.

“The moment I saw the screenshot of his Facebook page, my heart dropped. We almost sent an innocent man to prison. Anyone with an anime profile picture is a weeb and their opinion should never count. Not ever. Grow up and stop watching cartoons, nerds.”

-Judge Bradshaw

The lesson to learn here is that if you want to be taken serious, do not ever set your profile picture to an anime character.


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